Textile Testing

Universal Testing Machine

The truly versatile and reliable Solutions for Tensile testing of film/laminates, seal strength, bond strength, trouser tear, COF, creep etc to check the properties of film to tensile, compression & cycling testing for flexible, Rigid & customized sample/Laminates.

Circular Hand Cutter

The circular hand cutters are fast and easy to operate circular samples in various different mediums.

Air Permeability Tester

The Air permeability tester is an instrument used to determine the permeability of textile fabrics those including woven and non-woven air bags fabrics, blankets, napped fabrics, knitted or layered fabrics and pile fabrics.

Color Fastness Tester

It is one of the series used to determine the color fastness of textiles to various agencies.

Drying Cabinet

The drying cabinet is used for rapid drying of textile samples.

Gelbo Flex tester with particle counter

The Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle counter is used to ascertain the amount of loose fibres(Lints) to shed from non-woven materials.

Horizontal Flame Chamber

The horizontal flame chamber is used to determines the comparative burn rate and burn resistance of textiles, Plastics and other Automotive interior materials.

Hydrostatic Head tester

The Hydrostatic head Tester is used to determine the resisitance of textile fabrics to penetration by water at constant rate of increase of pressure.

Stiffness of Cloth tester-Motorized

It is used to measure the stiffness of non-woven fabrics, by means of cantilever bending under its own weigth, thus calculating the bending length and flexural rigidity.

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