Paper Testing

Cobb Tester

The Cobb test determines the amount of water absorbed into the surface by a sized (non-bibulous) paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard, paper or paperboard sample in a set period of time.

Universal Testing Machine

The truly versatile and reliable Solutions for Tensile testing of film/laminates, seal strength, bond strength, trouser tear, COF, creep etc to check the properties of film to tensile, compression & cycling testing for flexible, Rigid & customized sample/Laminates.

Co-Efficient Of Friction

Friction Tester is the most comprehensive tool available for measuring the coefficient of friction of plastic film, printed cartons, packaging substrates or paper.

Circular Hand Cutter

The circular hand cutters are fast and easy to operate circular samples in various different mediums.

Smoothness Tester

The smoothness is a measure of paper surface irregularities. The property affects many end uses, particularly the appearance of printing.

Gelbo Flex tester with particle counter

The Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle counter is used to ascertain the amount of loose fibres (Lint’s) to shed from non-woven materials.


The machine is used to measure the total hydraulic pressure expanding the diaphragm at the time the sample ruptures is its bursting strength.

Guage Smaoothness tester

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Porosity Tester

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internal bond Tester

The internal bond tester or ply bond tester uses the dynamic measuring principle to determine the internal bond strength of paper, board and compound materials according to Scott Bond method.

Grammage Cutter

The Grammage Cutter has been designed to cut 100cm² circular paper samples to assess Grammage.

Folding Endurance Tester

Folding endurance is defined as the logarithm of the number of double folds that are required to make a test piece break under standardized conditions.

Ink-Rub Tester

Ink rub tester is an automated instrument for rub a test strip under specified pressure, speed and temperature over a print determining the resistance to abrasion of the print.

Crease & Stiffness Tester

This instrument measures the bending resistance of the board and evaluates commercially formed creases.

Paper Tube Crush Tester

The Paper Tube Crush Tester has been designed as a cost effective machine to measure the strength of manufactured paper cores up to a crushing force of 10 kN.

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