Package Material Testing Instruments

Universal Testing Machine

A universal testing machine (UTM), is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials.

Co-efficient Of Friction Tester

Friction Tester is the most comprehensive tool available for measuring the coefficient of friction of plastic film, printed cartons, packaging substrates or paper.

Hot tack Tester

Hot tack measures the strength of heat seals formed between surfaces, immediately after the seal has been made and before it cools to room temperature.

Heat Sealer(Single/Multi laws)

A heat sealer is a machine used to seal products, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials using heat. This can be with uniform thermoplastic monolayers or with materials having several layers, at least one being thermoplastic.

Torque tester

A torque tester is used as a quality control device to test or calibrate torque controlled tools.

Elmendrof Tear tester

A pendulum impact tester is used to measure the force required to propagate an existing slit a fixed distance to the edge of the test sample.

Premeation Tester 9(WVTR & OTR)

Package integrity tests are used to detect packaging problems that could adversely affect the sterility and shelf life of a package.

Stiffnes Tester

The device is used to determine the bending length and bending stiffness of a material.

Digital Micrometer

In digital micrometers, an electronic readout displays the length digitally on an LCD on the instrument.

Core Compression Tester

Core compression measures the side-to-side crush resistance of composite tubes and cores by compressing them to failure.

Gelbo Flex Tester

The Gelbo Flex Tester has been designed to determine the flex resistance of flexible barrier materials by applying repetitive strain.

Bottle Wall Thickness

The Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge is an equipment to measure the thickness of Bottles made of Plastic / Glass / Aluminum or any non-ferrous substrate, without cutting.

Non-destructive Leak Tester

Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs for pharmaceutical packaging. The system utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum to detect the presence and location of leaks.

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