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Water Vapour Transmission Test

Water vapour permeability is a measure of the passage of water vapour through a membrane. It is the rate of water vapour transmission per unit area per unit of vapour pressure differential under test conditions. It is also known as water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) or moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR).

Oxygen Transfer Test

Oxygen permeability is the ability of a barrier material to oxygen to permeate through it in a specific time. Oxygen permeability may vary with temperature, humidity, and pressure and specimen thickness.

Single and Dual Column UTM

The UTM is a versatile Machine which can be used to perform the Tensile, Compressive, Cyclic, and Customised Test under the specific environmental condition.

Hot Tack Tester

It is the simulations of the form-fill operations, heat seals are often subjected to forces while it's still hot. If the hot seals are unable to resist these forces then unsealed areas or holes into the package can occur during the process. Hot Tack Tester provides an accurate, repeatable and consistent method of testing the sealing properties (to ASTM F2029) of a wide range of heat sealable materials.

Melt Flow Indexer

The MFI Measure the flow rate of the melted Thermo Plastics and represent a typical index for the Quality control. A small sample of about 5 grams is heated above its melting or softening point and forced to flow through a capillary using a piston actuated by a specified weight, usually 2.16 kg or 5 kg. Melt flow rate is a measure of the ability of the material's melt to flow under pressure.

Coefficient Of Friction Tester

A friction tester, also called a coefficient-of-friction (COF) tester, makes a measurement of a sheet-like substrate such as paper, corrugated, plastic film or paperboard which determines the angle of inclination at which one substrate affixed to a sled will begin to slide/slip against the surface of another substrate of a similar material.

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